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Nucleus Health Testimonials

"We have been using the Nucleus educational pieces exclusively for over 1 year. The feedback from our patients has been extremely positive. Not only are they better informed about their injuries and proposed surgery, but the number of post visit telephone calls to clarify information has drastically decreased since the patients now have clear and concise informational handouts to take home.

The illustration and video play an integral part in our patient care.  As you know, most patients do not remember anything that is said in a physician's office.  For an in-office educational experience, if a picture is worth a 1000 words, then your video educational products are worth a million.  Your products allow for a consistent explanation of a particular orthopedic process/disease that is readily visualized and understood by our patients.  By providing the website link to the same material, your products allow the patient to then review the material at their home / office in a more relaxed setting when they are better able to concentrate and pay attention.

The net effect is that we have fewer call backs with questions about diagnosis/treatment, our patients are better educated with respect to what is happening to them, and they become an educated member of their treatment process as opposed to an uneducated, inactive participant who is going through the motions without truly understanding why."

Rick Hammesfahr, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon The Center for Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, Marietta, GA

"I am of the opinion that the animations at Nucleus are second to none.  I routinely use their images and videos to explain neurological concepts to my patients."

James Armstrong, MD, Neurologist Armstrong Neurology, Hickory, NC

"In most any diagnostic situation, there are typically 10 to 15 minutes when a patient is in the exam room and I'm not there. So, not only do the animations reduce the amount of time I need to spend going over the material, but they also leave the patient with the assurance that the visit was well coordinated and meaningful. It's a win-win.

As nice and as personable as surgeons are, we don't like having to go over the same stuff over and over. Having the ability to make sure that everybody gets accurate information each time - it's not just a time-saver, it's a brain-saver because I don't have to explain it.

In short, I've found that patients don't ask questions. When I was at Emory during my residency, I recalled that if I walked in and said, "you have pancreatic cancer; we're going to have to remove your pancreas", 50% of the patients would say, "sure, let's go get it!" I have to be positive that even though they're not asking questions, I answer those questions for them. That's where the Nucleus animations come in."

George Crawford, MD, General & Thoracic Surgeon The Crawford Clinic, Anniston, AL

"The animations from Nucleus are a great benefit because often when patients leave our facility, they are still under a little bit of the effects of anesthesia or they may be on pain meds. If your understanding and field of vision is narrowed, you may not remember everything you're being told. We like that patients can go back to our website and watch the animation again.

Animations not only help patients understand procedures and discharge instructions, but also improve nursing and physician workflow efficiencies."

Lynne Sycamore, Patient & Family Education Coordinator Gwinnett Medical Center, Gwinnett, GA

"Most simply, Nucleus Medical Media animations are the best in the business. How do I know? I've looked at every conceivable site, about a dozen times. NMM is without parallel or peer. Period."

George McClane, MD, Emergency Department Physician Sharp Grossmont Hospital, San Diego, CA

"The animations are much easier for patients to understand than still images printed on fliers, or even the pre-constructed printouts from an EMR we are required to give out as part of meaningful use criteria."

Jeff Taylor, MD, Cardiologist Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, New Brunswick, NJ

"I love the clear and specific animations.  It is definitely a helpful tool to educate my patients.  The visuals always help."

Amitha Mundenchira, MD, Physician Ministry of Health Toronto, Ontario Canada

"Overall your animations are fabulous. They play a vital role in helping doctors explain and patients understand diseases, processes, and illnesses. I use the animations for educational purposes in a group setting."

Susanne Trout, RD, LD, IBCLC, Registered Dietician and Lactation Consultant Phoenix Children's Hospital, Phoenix, AZ

"As a home health and hospice nurse for over 35+years I have always found written words and illustrations are a necessity in providing both staff as well as patient/family education. None of us remember exactly what we were told unless we write it down. Having excellent documentation to use and provide to patients is vital to helping to improve outcomes and health status as well as to reduce the climbing costs of health care. Thank you for your continued efforts to provide high quality animations and illustrations to help health care professionals in the daily task of educating patients and family/caregivers."

Kathy Quan, RN, BSN, PHN, Editor-in-Chief, www.thenursingsite.com Author, The Everything New Nurse Handbook

"A picture is still literally worth a thousand words so an animation conveys succinctly what a verbal or textual description can not. Our modern consumers/patients have become even more visually clued, so the animation allows them to understand and then formulate any additional questions. While they watch an animation, you are free to do other tasks."

Michael Fenster, MD ("Dr. Mike"), Cardiologist and Founder of The Grassroots Gourmet www.drmichaelfenster.com Brooksville Cardiology, Brooksville, FL

"Speaking as a reproductive endocrinologist/PCOS expert, the [Polycystic Ovary Syndrome animation] is gorgeous."

Jim Wheeler, MD, MPH, JD, OB/GYN Center for Women's Health, Houston, TX

"The animations are great. I think it would be a great benefit as a physician to instruct a nurse to please show patient John Smith the liver biopsy video or tell my office staff that I had written a prescription for a biopsy, please have him see the video before he leaves the office."

Gil Hoang, MD, Radiologist Wyoming Valley Health Care, Wilkes-Barre, PA

"Overall, I felt the animation was done in a clear and concise manner, with language that would be easily understood by the general population. The graphics were presented accurately for most of the presentation and the simulation of 'real situations'…this would be a good teaching tool for both nurses and parents."

Lucille Harrington, RN, Morton Plant Hospital, Clearwater, FL

"I watched the animation on Lung Cancer – it was beautiful, easy to understand and just the right amount of information. These would be phenomenal for presentations. Kudos."

Alice Adams, RN, Atlanta Legal, Atlanta, GA

"I thought the video was quite useful and educational for the layperson. I watched several videos in the Nucleus library and felt similarly impressed by their ability to educate the 'average Joe' - a real tool for nurses working with the general public!"

Erin Ross, RN, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH

"For the patient, a picture will explain anatomy better than words alone."

James Wang, MD, Internal Medicine Clinic, Bowie, MD

"Nucleus Medical Media is the Pixar of Medicine!"

John Jain, MD, Fertility Specialist Santa Monica Fertility, Santa Monica, CA

"Today's medical technology is extremely complex, and animation is a powerful way to help non-medical professionals grasp the intricacies of modern medical technology, as well as those of the human body itself. With over one million views between our own website and our YouTube channel, we're confident that our videos are having an impact on our brand and on the way people view and understand health care.

Beyond our primary goal of education, we hope providing these videos will encourage potential patients, both locally and across the nation, to recognize Detroit Medical Center as a destination for specialty care."

Ken Bearden, Corporate Director of Integrated Marketing Communications Detroit Medical Center, Detroit, MI

"Patients are partners with physicians in their care. Education helps make them better informed and makes that partnership stronger. When we are the provider of that information, it reflects positively on us."

Brian Mulligan, Assistant VP of Public Relations North Shore – LIJ Health System

"First experiences are lasting ones. My first with Nucleus Medical Media could not have been better. The quality of the art at Nucleus enhances our ability to make the complicated world of medicine more understandable for all.

In order to explain in an understandable way what the surgeons are doing inside the body, we need illustrations and animations that are clearly understandable, but thorough. That is what Nucleus Medical Art provides. The response to our productions underscores their effectiveness; patients and prospective patients tell us they better understand the procedures and are telling others."

Emery C. King, Director of Communications Detroit Medical Center, Detroit, MI

"There were a lot of physicians who were really, really excited about a particular procedure, and they assumed that the rest of the general public shared their enthusiasm for watching the surgery. We had to politely explain to them that the general public probably did not want to see a surgery. So, we were looking for some alternate ways to explain the surgery and explain why that particular surgery is more high-tech or more beneficial to the patient without completely grossing the patient out.

Nucleus is a partner, not just a vendor that gives us a product off the shelf and disappears until it's time to renew the contract. Foot and Ankle is a huge service line for us, and Nucleus didn't have any animations for that topic, but they were happy to create some. The flexibility and responsiveness has been wonderful for us!"

Nicole Petroski, Director of Web Content Strategy Mercy Medical Center, Baltimore, MD

"By using Nucleus content, we're reinforcing our new patient-friendly approach. We want our website and social media outreach to be a helpful, trustworthy resource for our patients. It helps strengthen our reputation as the region's expert in health care. The goal is that building our brand this way will encourage more people to choose us when they need us.

Our doctors appreciate having reliable multimedia they can share with their patients to educate them about procedures. They're glad they can refer patients to our website to view Nucleus animations, because they do such a good job of showing what to expect."

Alyssa Young, Senior Web Producer of Marketing & Public Affairs Lehigh Valley Health Network, Lehigh, PA

"It is my hope we continue to use Nucleus Medical Media for more images in future issues of HouseCalls, as well as additional projects down the road. Your prompt responses to my requests have truly been wonderful."

Millie Jezior, Senior Marketing Specialist, Marketing and Public Relations Condell Medical Center

"Nucleus Medical Media delivered animation customized to our specifications ‐ and they delivered it quickly! Their staff is very knowledgeable and easy to work with, answering any question I had promptly and completely."

Beth A. Dombroski, Marketing Associate Guthrie Healthcare Systems

"This is a dream coming true to be able to finally use your beautiful work!"

Michelle Green, PR and Communications Manager Centegra Health, Crystal Lake, IL

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